Sell your house for FREE

Sell your house for FREE

Sell for free!

We are always looking to buy more property for our clients, and on average make five offers a day. We buy Property and land in area or condition and are able to act swiftly.

So no matter whether you’re selling a plot of land, your family home, you want to sell your portfolio or commercial premises then we want to hear from you.

Reasons to let us sell your property:

  • We will let you know on the spot whether we are able to purchase your property
  • In some cases we are able to cover your legal costs*
  • Our service is quick and discrete 
  • No estate agency fees 
  • Transparent service 
  • Completion times from as little as 24 hours!
  • Our clients buy no matter what the condition.
  • We are a local company
  • We offer a 24/7 service

Contact us today for your free no obligation valuation.

Are you a sourcer with the deals but without the clients to sell them too? Then contact us to see if we are able to work together to sell the deal, we have a huge database of over 100,000 investors actively looking to buy. 

Please ensure that you provide as much due diligence in the deal as possible before sending with accurate yields etc. In order for us to be able to assess, compare with our own due diligence and progress discussions with you without any delays.