How long does an application take?

Provided that we receive all of the correct documentation with your application and your references are contactable, applications can be processed and enable a move in within 48 hours. 

How much is the admin fee?

We do not charge an admin fee, however we charge a holding fee of £75 which goes towards your rent if you are successful. If you choose not to move in or are unsuccessful then this is non-refundable.

Do i need a deposit or a guarantor?

We require either a deposit (the amount varies per property) or a guarantor which can either be working full time or a homeowner, your guarantor will be required to complete an application form like yourself and undergo checks. In some circumstances we may require both a deposit and a guarantor, depending on the landlords request following what your checks come back like. All deposits are secured via the DPS of which you would receive the statutory information upon the sign up.

What happens if I have an emergency?

All repairs have to be logged through our website, on the report a repair tab which is monitored 24/7. You will then be contact to either fault find over the phone or to book a contractors visit to resolve the issue.

How do I pay my rent?

You can either set up a standing order with your bank, set up a direct debit with ourselves via GoCardless, pay via online banking or in cash. If you pay in cash there is a banking charge of £1.75 per every £100 banked (these charges still apply if you pay the cash directly into the bank). You can arrange your payment method by either calling us and speaking to our accounts department or by emailing accounts@goldthorpeproperty.co.uk. Please always ensure you put your property as a reference.

What if I can't pay my rent?

If you have difficulties paying your rent the best thing to do is speak to us as we understand that people's circumstances can change and wish to help you however possible, although if you do not tell us you are unable to pay which results in us having to chase you for your rent then you will incur a £30.00 (inclusive of VAT) late payment charge for every payment which is late or missed without liaising with us. Failure to pay your rent may result in us having to reclaim possession of the property. 

Do you accept pets?

Pets are per the landlords request however most of our properties accept pets. You will be required to sign a pet contract should any damage be caused that you will rectify this before vacating the property.

What happens if I lock myself out or lose my key?

There are set charges for this, during business hours there is a set charge of £30.00 (inclusive of VAT) and outside of business hours and weekends this rises to £60.00 (inclusive of VAT). This charge is the same whether we let you in to retrieve your key or provide you with a new one. This fee is payable upon arrival to site.

How do I give notice?

We require one months notice in writing before your next rent is due, if you fail to do this it may result in you having to pay whatever is left on your contract.

What do the communal cleaners do (room shares, communal areas & apartment block communal areas)?

They're there to ensure the property is kept in the best condition possible, although they are not there to clean up after anybody. You are still expected to keep the communal areas of your home presentable. 

Can I decorate?

This depends on where you live, in shared accommodation you're unable to decorate but in apartments and regular dwellings you may be able to dependant on landlords permission. If you want to decorate or make Changes to your Property please notify us in writing for approval, failure to do this may result in the cost of reinstating the property being charged to you.

Can I smoke in the property?

oSmoking is not permitted in any of our properties. If we find you are smoking inside then you may risk losing your home if you continue to do this. 

Can I have parties?

We ask that you follow good neighbour practice and keep noise to a minimum and do not party late into the night. If you are in shared accommodation, we recommend you talk to your housemates before arranging a party. You will be liable to fix any damages. 

Can guests stay in my room?

Guests can only stay maximum two nights a week in shared accommodation. They are not permitted to sleep in the communal areas and must not be left alone in the property. 

Why haven’t my bins been emptied?

If you put your bin out on time and you believe they have missed your bin you need to call the council on 01482 300300. If you are in shared accommodation it is your responsibility as tenants to put the bins out by the time stated on the noticeboard. If you recycle incorrectly the council will not collect this and you will need to sort this correctly so it can be taken next collection. If you fail to empty your bins this can attract rats and excess rubbish will not be removed by us or the council.

Do you provide phone lines in shared accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not and we do not permit a line to be put in the property. 

The internet has gone down, how do I fix it?

In the first instance, it is recommended that you reset the router and laptop and ensure all wires are plugged in. If this is still not working it is often quicker if you call the provider as they will tell you if there is an outage and can remote connect to your computer to get you up and running again. 

I have had a disagreement with another tenant, you need to sort it?

You are all adults living together and sometimes disagreements can occur. We are not your parents and you need to have an adult conversation to rectify the issue. Please refer to the how to be a good tenant guide on the noticeboard for more information. 

An appliance is broken, why should I wait in for the engineer?

It is in your best interest to let the engineer to enable the problem to be rectified as quickly as possible. If an appliance is under warranty, then often an external company will be called out. They will not enter the property without someone there. You sign as part of your tenancy agreement to let engineers in. Unfortunately, it is not our responsibility to let them in your property even if it is a shared house. If you fail to let them in and do not let us know you will be charged a call out fee which can be £100s if it is an external company. All our in house maintenance have access to shared accommodation by key safes and we ask when you report a repair to let us know if we can enter if you are not there. 

Why are you not open weekends?

We do not open weekends as our staff deserve time off the same as you get off work. We offer out of hours’ appointments should you not be able to attend during business hours. 

How do I put in an application?

You can do this here https://www.goldthorpeproperty.com/tenants/application/ 

I have broken furniture what should I do?

You are liable for any damages and must replace the item like for like and dispose of the broken item legally. We do not replace items free of charge unless faulty and will not dispose of broken items for you. 

How do I sign my documents and get the key?

We send all documents through a signing portal on here. These are usually sent up to 72 hours before. You must provide a valid email to use this service. Once you have signed an appointment will be booked at the property to give you the key. If you cannot sign the documents online, you will be required to come to the office to sign these.  

I think I have damp what should I do?

Damp is often mistaken for condensation which happens when the property is not ventilated properly. By opening the window on vent and having the heating on when cold you can minimise this developing. We do not recommend drying clothes inside. More information can be found by googling condensation. 

What is the minimum term on a tenancy?

Our standard term is 6 months. 

Do I need insurance?

We recommend every tenant takes out contents cover policy. Should anything be stolen that is your personal belongings or be lost in a fire the landlord will not be responsible for replacing this. 

What bills are included in shared accommodation?

Nearly all our accommodation are "All bills inclusive". This covers gas, electric, water, council tax, the internet, and TV license (and sky where applicable). If you require a parking permit, however, these are not included and you must purchase one from the council.