Ensure the holding deposit is paid of £75. Without this your application will not be submitted. All holding deposits are non-refundable, but should you move in this is deducted from your first rental payment.

Fill out your details to create an account for your application for a property. You’ll be sent a login to view a web page and track the progress.

An uploaded photo of each is fine. Please note we need to see the original copy when moving in.

If you can not fill in any required fields please call us on 01482 423181 or use the contact form for help.

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By clicking “Pay” you agree to pay a £75 holding fee, you will then leave “The Goldthorpe Property Group” website and will be transferred to the secure Worldpay payment site. We would draw your attention to the Worldpay Privacy and Security policies page.

Refund policy
This payment page is for settlement of invoices already raised. No additional services will be supplied directly as a result of your payment. As payments relate to invoices already raised you will only be entitled to a refund in respect of an over-payment or a later credit note raised in respect of our services. If you do make an over-payment in error, please contact us at info [@] and the over-payment (less any costs involved) will be repaid as soon as reasonably practical.

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